30 Nov.

Yesterday, I visited San Francisco for the first time.

Today, I explored the city. It was amazing—everything I’ve ever dreamed it would be and more.

Our walking route around San Francisco (black dot denotes the hostel).

We spent the night in The Saloon, founded in 1861, a bar that was apparently notorious for shanghaiing back in the day. Here’s hoping the bar staff didn’t follow us home.

Steve and Nick outside The Saloon. The man is the background played bass for the band who were on. He changed his shoes when he was on stage #imageiseverything.

We met the co-founder and CEO of Tripping.com, Jen, who’s invited us to crash at her place when we leave our hostel, the Green Tortoise. Not that Green Tortoise; the other one, where the Wi-Fi password is “hostelworldsucks.”

Inside the pizza restaurant with Steve, who probably isn’t sober.

After leaving the bar, I got banned from a pizza restaurant for saying its service was “second to none.” The sole staff member ignored Nick at the counter for several minutes to continue a conversation. I was in there earlier in the day to change some dollars up. The same bloke gave me $10 extra back, and I returned it. The ungrateful shite.

Jon announced he was definitely going today, though I hope he doesn’t. It’d be a massive shame and something he’d regret.

Callum. X


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