29 Nov.

Today is the day I can say that I’ve been been to San Francisco.

A lifetime’s ambition was fulfilled at the end of a four-mile hike from our remote-but-not-too-far-from-civilisation hostel in Fort Barry, HI Marin Headlands Hostel, to the Golden Gate Bridge viewing point.

The lads during the hike to the Golden Gate Bridge viewing point.

It was incredible.

The bridge and city were covered in a blanket of mist that just made the experience all the more breathtaking.

The hostel is cool, enhanced for being a signal graveyard despite being just four miles from one of the busiest cities on Earth.

Phillipa and the lads at the hostel.

The visit to the city itself was brief and a motoring mistake—the turn-off for our hostel is the last exit before the Golden Gate Bridge, and we missed it when coming back from some pizza in Sausalito—so tomorrow will see the aforementioned lifelong ambition fulfilled in earnest.

To quote, erm, Borat: “I excite.”


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