24 Nov.

Today, we finally left Portland. Though it wasn’t as early as it could’ve been thanks to Jon, who left one of Phillipa’s internal lights on overnight, draining the battery.

Us, Phil and Phillipa before we finally left Portland.

It’s Thanksgiving, which we soon learned is just as big of a deal as Christmas in terms of having a day off. Finding someone with jumper cables was a nightmare.

All in all, we travelled six hours before settling on a location for the night, a tiny seaside town called Bandon, which is a shade over 100 miles from California.

We stopped off around an hour after leaving Portland, with Mark and Steve going to McDonald’s for breakfast while Jon, Nick and I went to get supplies for the road trip.

Jon and Nick were excited for Kmart and decided to run to the store. I told them not to, but they failed to heed my warning. Jon slipped and ballsed his leg up badly. He’s still whinging now. It did provide the three of us with an all-time great laugh, mind, because he went around the supermarket in a fat-person mobile that even beeped as it reversed. Upon hearing that, I almost needed one for myself.


The novelty of Jon on the shopmobility didn’t wear off. As we made our way down one aisle, a morbidly obese woman crossed our path, using the the same method of transport as our brave little soldier. He also managed to bump into a crisp stand.

I digress. Driving (the car) was pretty easy—we reached Eugene within 20 minutes of leaving the supermarket and got on the 126 west toward Florence, which is where we joined Route 101—but the road was empty because of Thanksgiving. I’m still apprehensive about inner-city driving, but I could do freeways all day long. I was lucky enough to be behind the wheel (enough with the car lingo, Clarkson) when we got our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and pulled over at the first “scenic view point” possible (see: lead image).

Phillipa is running fine, and the U.S. is our oyster.

Steve and Mark enjoy their haul from the one place we could find that was open and selling food, a petrol station, in their room at Table Rock Motel.


We’re staying at Table Rock Motel, the owner of which is a friendly lady who gave us two rooms for the price of one when she realised Nick and I were going to be kipping on the floor. That means I’m bunking with Smitty tonight. We’re in their room at the mo. Now for Cop Out, starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend.


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