21 Nov.

Another early start today, which isn’t really a bad thing. In fact, given we had things to do—namely: buy a car—it’s quite the opposite.

Phil has been brilliant, running us all over Washington and Oregon to look at station wagons that are up for sale on Craigslist (pronounced: Creggsliss) and helping us research whether we can register a vehicle and get insured.

We think we’ve found the one for us. Fingers crossed that it all goes well tomorrow.

Nick’s demeanour = today’s journal entry.

Despite having a reason to stay in the city, Portland is starting to feel like our very own Royston Vasey. Cabin fever is setting in.

Phil’s car nearly got towed outside Denny’s—he recommended the chain’s breakfasts as both hearty and economical—while we were eating this morning. That would’ve completely ballsed up the day’s plans. Luckily we were sitting by the window, so we were able to stop that from happening in the nick of time.

It pissed down once again. That, combined with running around all day, has left us all feeling very tired and this journal with an especially substandard entry.



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