15 Nov.

The months of silence were well worth it just to see Nick, Steve and Jon’s faces when they realised I was coming for the duration of the trip.

Jon rubbed his eyes in disbelief for a bit of over-the-top astonishment.

The flight to Atlanta was delayed, meaning we spent an extra hour on the runway before take-off in a plane Nick would later describe as a “transatlantic Ryanair.” We landed in Georgia at 2:25 p.m. local time (7:25 p.m. at home).

In a case of things not boding well, in under an hour in a sports bar in Atlanta Airport, we ran up close to a three-figure bar tab despite not drinking very much. Jon and Nick’s futile attempts at remaining vegetarian in the U.S. were over before we’d set foot outside—our nachos “without the meat” came with two different types thereof (beef and chicken).

Nick’s 10 years of vegetarianism ended within 10 minutes of being in the U.S.

In the queue for the flight to Seattle, an Alaskan overheard our accents and asked where we were from, what we were doing, etc. He was enthusiastic and told us how he wanted to visit Edinburgh to see the White Cliffs of Dover. None of us had the heart to correct him.

The five-hour flight was as painful as it could be, sat between two people: a rather large gent whose body had encroached on my side of the armrest and a tiny woman who managed to take up more space on my seat than the other neighbour because of her sitting position.

At least someone enjoyed the flight to Seattle.

The hostel (The Green Tortoise) is nice. Here’s hoping the rest of the sleeping establishments we stay in are just as good. I’m not holding my breath.

Albums listened to en route to Atlanta:

  • Sunflower—The Beach Boys
  • Moby Grape—Moby Grape
  • Tonight’s the Night—Neil Young
  • Sweetheart of the Rodeo—The Byrds

Albums listened to en route to Seattle:

  • The Pious Bird of Good Omen—Fleetwood Mac
  • Bayou Country—Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)—The Kinks



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